About me

I was born from a Spanish mother and a Puerto Rican father. I have lived in California more than half of my life. This has made me some kind of hybrid, because I can understand all three cultures perfectly but refuse to embrace any one fully.

I consider myself a late bloomer, and my chronological age has nothing to do with my emotional age. Right now I am about 29.

I have a very eclectic palate in all regards. This has been something frustrating for me in the past, but I am learning to embrace it.

I have loved crafts since forever, but it was hard to do a lot of crafting while working full-time. The recession took care of that, and when I lost my winemaking job, creativity became a wonderful outlet. I started a little shop on Etsy to channel some of my energies, and named it Lolailo.

I live in the Suisun Valley area with my husband, who is also a winemaker. We have a great life.